Home Made Soap

We believe that the bathing ritual should be a pampering experience. The products you use should be as natural as possible and provide nurishment to your skin as well as clean your skin. Our products will leave your skin feeling rejuvenated anfootd leave you feeling pampered even on your busiest day. Bath Avenue soaps are made using the cold process method of soap making.  This process produces soaps that are naturally glycerine rich and moisturizing.  All of our soaps are made from our all vegetable custom blend of olive, palm, palm kernel, coconut and castor oils.  Some batches are further enhanced with decadent shea butter, almond oil, cream, silk or honey (batches that have these additions are noted for our vegan customers and customers with nut allergies).  Our bars weigh approximately 4.0oz each, fully cured.

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Bubble Bath Cupcakes

Fresh from the Bathbubblebathcupcakes Avenue “ovens”, this beautiful frosted cupcake will leave you swimming in a tub filled with mounds of billowing bubbles.  This solid Bubble Bath Cupcake is a treat without the calories!  Each Bubble Bath Cupcake comes boxed and ready to give as a gift, or keep as a treat for yourself.

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Tub Cupcakes

bathtubcupcakes are a fun bath time treat for kids.  Each Tub Cupcake looks like a regular cupcake, but these treats are full of fizzing fun.  Pop one into the tub and they will fizz to any child’s delight scenting and tinting the bath water.   When the fizzing action is over, a toy surprise will be revealed.  The small toy is not suitable for small children and could be a choking hazard.

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Just For Kids

Our Ssoapsiclesoap-Sicle novelties are just plain fun.  Soap-Sicles are shaped and smell like an orange creamsicle, fudgesicle or a raspberry frozen treat.  Kids and grown ups love the familiar shape and scent.  Remember, Soap-Sicles look real and smell real, but they taste like soap.   They are for bathing, not eating.

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Bath And Body

hbbJust like the bubble baths taken in the movies by Hollywood starlets, one Hollywood Bubble Bath cube fills the tub with billowing mounds of long lasting, thick bubbles.   We add sweet almond oil to soften the skin as an added bonus.


Price : $5

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